A complete suite of QA automation services for eCommerce companies

Automated Testing Services

Mozanta’s quality-optimized, results-driven testing approach gives a competitive edge while maximizing the potential of your multi-channel eCommerce platform by increasing speed and efficiently assessing new and existing functions. Moreover these tests are enablers that reduce testing efforts and can be executed on a host of devices at the same time. Perking up the user experience our testing modules also contribute to sales and revenue generation.

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Automated Testing Services

Made with in depth understanding of the dynamics, complexity & expectations of eCommerce players and end-users, Mozanta offers “top-notch” testing solutions. Implementing our testing services will help you maintain high-quality websites and bring down risks to stay ahead in this highly competitive market.

  • Make most of our unbiased quality engineering approach
  • End-to-end testing processes for individual and large chain retailers
  • Accelerate release cycles across all touchpoints to ensure seamless shopping experience
  • Set the foundation and ensure minimum requirement of CI/CD and DevOps
Test Automation Strategy and Development

A good test automation strategy will help you keep pace with the market and achieve high-quality output while avoiding significant technology glitches. Mozanta assures you of the testing expertise you seek -

  • Comprehensive testing for all systems and applications
  • Supports enterprise re-platform/upgrading/migration/setting-up of complex integrations
  • Reduces maintenance costs with easy change and update of testing methodology
  • Helps to gain agility to deliver maximum performance with minimum risks
Cloud-based Test Automation

Cloud based test automation services provide the key to accelerate your development process. Implement the services to drive value for your business–

  • Real-time solutions for real-world challenges
  • Achieving an integrated and smooth customer experience
  • High scalability for constant quality assurance
  • All-inclusive testing services to meet your performance goals
  • More mobility by eliminating interruptions in testing procedures
Test Automation Tools Evaluation

Test automation tool evaluation identifies the right tools and makes the automation exercise easier & effective.

  • Gain cyber resilience through complete test coverage
  • Suitable for project environment and technology used
  • Supports maximum testing types, automate complex requirements
  • Tools with simple interface yet powerful features for complex tasks
Test Automation Framework Design and Development

Well structured test automation frameworks help in successful execution of projects by reducing cost and conflicts while ensuring better test automation output. Collaborate with our QA experts for setting these standards before implementation -

  • Handle scripts and data separately and create libraries with our customized retail testing frameworks & solutions
  • Has less maintenance and greater script/Framework version control
  • Keep pace with changing consumer demands
  • Create robust functions and improves design documentation

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Why Choose Us?

The full bundle of our QA automation services will make your software development projects more efficient. Our state-of-the-art test environments have been created to adapt seamlessly with your organization’s needs. Moreover, our latest and highly advanced tools and frameworks will enable you to deliver flawless products for your end-users.

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