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Save 70% efforts on developing a mobile platform for your business

Mobility Framework for Retail Commerce

A comprehensive mobility framework for retail commerce

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MozCom Mobile is a comprehensive mobility framework for retail commerce. The mobile platform can easily be integrated into your business needs with easy customisation for UI based on reusable components. Comes with multiple themes to suit your branding requisites.

Salient Features
  • Layered, container-based architecture ensuring sustainability.

  • Multiple UI versions to suit different branding needs.

  • High scalability and reliability at minimal cost and maintenance.

  • Easy customization to suit your business.

  • Reduces the go-to-market time in making your business mobile.

Our platform connects to any of your core commerce systems

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Why MozCom Mobile

Mozcom Mobile is a complete product suite from search to fulfilment. Our product can connect to any core commerce platform taking your business to one step closer to the customer. It reduces your time to market and provides you with immense flexibility in digitising your business. MozCom Mobile caters to a wide range of customers. Team Mozanta comes with a wealth of experience in native and hybrid mobile development solutions to aid the growth of your business.

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