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Drop is a location-based booking & delivery system at your convenience for your business. With key features like pre schedule of orders, before - after notification, multiple payments options and easy communication channels, the process assures a better experience for the end users guaranteeing customer retention. If you are running a virtual business, drop enables you to easily manage order booking, delivery tracking and also gives high-level visibility of business.

Key Features
  • For Customers:

    You can place the order from anywhere at any time with the option of pre-booking the orders. The before and after notification along with the map-based tracking for real-time update ensures problem-free delivery. You have the option of making payments through multiple channels.

  • For Business:

    Supports your business growth with real-time visibility of revenue, orders and delivery schedule. The option of advance online payment facilitates better cash flow. The platform can be easily deployed in new locations. Direct interaction with customers reduces the dependency on delivery personnel.

  • For Delivery:

    The management of daily delivery is made easy through the automated daily delivery schedule. The app makes it easier to manage drivers and vehicles. The delivery agent can spot the exact customer location using the maps in the application.

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Why Drop

Drop is a SaaS product built using Microservices architecture which makes it easy to maintain, test and deploy independently. Hosted on a cloud platform using Kubernetes cluster container orchestration system which allows automating application deployment, scaling, and management between admin and a delivery agent.

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