We are now a co-sell partner with Microsoft

Mozanta Visual Search listed on Microsoft Azure Marketplace has cleared the technical validation from Microsoft

In our endeavor to enrich the benefit that we provide to our customers and with an objective to make our products the best, Mozanta technologies partners with technology leaders. We are now a co-sell partner with Microsoft. With this instrumental step in our growth, we aim to educate our customers on the true value of our products.

As Mozanta starts a new customer journey, the customer gets two major advantages through the Microsoft partnership. First, the architecture of Mozanta’s technology solutions are pre-validated by Microsoft, thereby ensuring the best and foolproof solution implementation for our customers. Also, Mozanta’s cloud expertise when combined with the possibilities of Microsoft Azure, gives the best cloud solution to the customer. It thus becomes a single channel for the usage of Microsoft services as well. The customer also gets access to a lean and mean DevOps team, for cost-effective operation of the products for a longer term. In other words, the Mozanta partnership brings Microsoft advantage onboard to the customer.

To facilitate the Microsoft partnership, Mozanta joins hands with Redington Gulf as our distribution partner...

Two of the Mozanta products are already listed on the Microsoft Azure marketplace. Mozanta Visual Search andZeus Eye.

The Mozcom product of Mozanta uses a completely hybrid approach to digitisation of retail commerce and this product also has a strong base on Microsoft Azure.


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