Modern problems require modern solutions

by Varun Sivaram May 25, 2020 4 mins read

COVID-19 has put the world to a halt. There is a concern on health and an economic crisis is impending. The amount of destruction that this small virus has caused; unimaginable! Businesses are finding it tough to sustain and many companies have started to file for bankruptcy. The fact that human lives are more important seemed to reduce the thoughts regarding the downside of total lockdown. That leaves us all with anxiety about the future.

All this comes down to the question; what next ??

The post-covid era is going to be strikingly different from the pre-covid era. The current circumstance is such that many industries are finding it tough to operate even though the restrictions have started to ease. The safety measures have reached a whole new level and there are some serious parameters to be met. Who thought masks and gloves would become a part of our regular dress code. The entire world is finding it hard to adjust with the new rules and regulations, even when these are put in place for our safety... The change the world has gone for is surreal.

The business world has to find new ways to do things as the old traditional methods might not work as effectively as they used to. So modern problems require modern solutions. It is time to rethink how businesses work. The times have witnessed several changes and many ‘new-normals’ have taken birth. Work from home is no more special. Almost everything has become online, right from grocery shopping to important conferences. Organizations are starting to realize how well prepared they are to deal with such situations. Finding out which ideas will work & which will not is going to be a tough game, with trial & error being the only way to know. The feasibility of new ideas will now be weighed against its preparedness to be effective. The outlook of organizations towards how their businesses are going to be in future will take new shapes.

At the end of the day, the question that needs to be asked is - Is your business or organization, pandemic-proof?


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