Importance of SEO in eCommerce and Value of QA in SEO

by Harikrishnan V V May 16, 2023 5 mins read

That ‘content is king’, is now a given. We have read, reread and accepted it. Moreover, businesses, particularly, online ones, have made it their mantra for growth and success. Now, if content is king, SEO is the kingmaker. 

It is established that SEO is the tool to ensure maximum exposure of an online business organically. An SEO optimised business means, you are providing precise information to the right kind of people through content. This makes SEO the essential element of online marketing. According to Moz, the majority of businesses today are spending $5,000 monthly on SEO.

The importance of SEO is inherent in its definition. Let’s see what SEO is all about

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization - a process of enhancing a website's content and architecture for search engine results pages (SERPs). The purpose is to make a website more visible in relevant search results and draw targeted traffic. According to a report from SimilarWeb, almost 40% of worldwide e-commerce traffic comes from search engines.

Numerous strategies are used in SEO, including, link development, technical optimization, on-page optimization, and keyword research. While link building entails acquiring high-quality links from other trustworthy websites, technical optimization takes care of the backend structure and performance of websites, including its speed and mobile responsiveness. Moreover, a website's content, architecture, and HTML code are improved as part of on-page optimization to make it more search engine friendly. Additionally, keyword research involves finding more and more relevant search terms and expressions that prospective clients might use when looking for goods or services.

Factors Making SEO Indispensable -

1. SEO Ensures Organic Traffic

According to a GE Capital Retail Bank’s study, 81% of people conduct online searches and 47% of consumers look at company content before purchasing. If your business is not appearing in such highly valued space, you’re losing chances of driving your potential customers’ purchase decision.

When done rightly, SEO is that magic that generates millions of organic visitors for your content. All you have to do is properly optimize each piece of content. Though slow in yielding results, this tool has enormous power to eventually reach out to your target audience. Start-ups can test and use SEO as a useful tool because the majority of them lack the resources to invest in advertising.

How to quickly increase organic visitors -

- Create content with little competition in mind: Search for low competitive keywords with high search volume using SEO tools. After you find the right keyword, try to write quality content based on that keyword.

- Consider choosing long-tail keywords: For beginners to avoid neglecting their scope, it is better to pick a long tail keyword related to their niche or topic. Remember that long-tail keywords are often less competitive and easy to rank.

- Make sure your website loads quickly: According to Statista, most visitors abandon a website if it does not load in three seconds. Make sure your website loads quickly if you want to rank higher and attract more SEO traffic. Otherwise, you risk losing position.

- Keep updating the content once every month: Search engines have a penchant for updated content. If you don't want to lose SEO traffic to your website, you need to amend your content once a month.

2. Building trust and authority using SEO

Without enough domain authority, search engines would not trust the content of the website. This makes it really hard to get your website ranked at the top of search results. The most important tool for increasing traffic to your content is backlinking. A free and efficient technique to get free traffic and backlinks from high authority websites is through author or guest posting.

3. Optimize Your Content to Attract Audience

An optimised content is one that is written in a way to reach the largest possible target audience. It includes associated keywords, meta and title tags, along with relevant links. Optimized content helps you to scale website traffic and helps to build your community. 

4. Sell your goods or services more quickly with SEO (high sales rate)

SEO is the best way to sell without spending on advertising. SEO gets you free users among people who search for the right product or service on search engines. The search engines show the best possible matches according to keyword search. This enhances your chances of getting leads, followed by sales.

5. Being a Decisive Tool SEO Must be Used Prudently

SEO is absolutely free to use and grow. However, being a potential tool that gives a website life and visibility, it is not very easy to implement SEO gainfully.

To draw attention of potential customers you must feature in the first page of search results. According to Forbes, Google’s first page results drive 71% of online search traffic. If your website is not visible on Google, it’s not visible to the customer either. This is where SEO comes in.

You can use keywords that are really competitive to strengthen your SEO. Look for long-tail keywords associated with your extremely competitive term. To put it more simply, for better rankings, you should use keywords like "Benefits of eCommerce Marketing" instead of "eCommerce", which has less competition and is simpler. While it is true that there is little search volume for the phrase "benefits of eCommerce marketing," it can help you to rank well. The SEO traffic can then be scaled.

Importance of Quality Assurance (QA) in SEO testing

- Helps to identify errors like broken links, missing tags, or incorrect keyword usage, during SEO implementation. If unidentified they can negatively impact website's ranking and visibility.

- Ensures the website's content and structure are optimized for both search engines and users. By improving the user experience of a website, businesses can increase engagement and conversions, leading to higher revenue.

- Helps identify technical issues affecting website's performance, such as page load time, mobile responsiveness, and website security. Addressing them can improve performance.

- Ensures that SEO strategies ensure increased traffic, improved rankings, and are generating leads or sales. By tracking and analysing key metrics, businesses can evaluate the effectiveness of their SEO strategies and make data-driven decisions to optimize them further.

SEO a potential enabler of business growth

By drawing traffic to websites, determining ranks on search engines, and ensuring customer experience on websites, SEO picks the best, most popular, and most helpful websites for customers to visit according to their search terms. This makes SEO a powerful tool for business growth and website marketing.

However, businesses must understand that SEO is a game of patience, one that needs proper planning to work in the desired mode. If you consider implementing eCommerce SEO in your business Mozanta will be your perfect choice.


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