Hmm…. Will this suit me? – Augmented Reality in eCommerce

by Maya Narayanankutty December 10, 2020 4 mins read

I am sure everyone would have had this experience while e-shopping. Will this dress suit me? Will this size fit me? Will this watch look good on me? Will this corner table be good in my living room? Especially now that more and more people are depending on eCommerce sites to make personal purchases. These purchases are still done in a fog of doubt. This is where eCommerce companies can gift their buyers a well thought out and unique customer journey through Augmented Reality.

Augmented Reality, is a computer – generated sensory images in the real world. It is an immersive technology and it is present not only in eCommerce, it is seeping into all industries. And yes, one reason for AR is of course to enhance customer experience. The driving force for all innovation is always market competition. As the world has become one big single market, so has the competition increased. So, to present our product or services in the best light is the sure shot way to win over competition.

Companies across the globe are realising the hidden opportunity in AR for an immersive customer journey. AR supports business by giving customers a better fit and feel of the product which reduces error the first time and facilitates faster decision making. This positively impacts better business and ultimately profitability.

AR is used in eCommerce to enhance “The WOW factor”.

Social Media Filters

AR is present in social media, take for example, the snap chat filters. Now it has taken on a significant role as brands are using it to increase brand awareness. A favoured Ice Cream brand used AR to successfully launch and promote its new flavours.

Virtual Try - on Solutions

The biggest reason for goods being returned on eCommerce is the Colour, Size and Fit issues. Virtual Try - out is the AR solution to the problem. Shoppers can try on dresses, watches, eyewear, jewelry, makeup and decide on the best match before adding them to the cart.

Preview Placement

Major home decor companies, electronics companies and online marketplaces are using AR to give their customers a real-time glimpse of how products will look in a desired space through their smartphones. This reduces the margin of error and shoppers do not have to ponder about the purchase.

Interactive User Manuals

Smarter and interactive user manuals is making life easier for both companies and first time users of their products. AR manual apps use markers like buttons, arrows and animations on the scanned image of the product and let’s users play with the complicated functions.

The Advantages of AR are many for Companies as well as Customers:

For Companies, AR can bridge the gap between the physical store and online shopping:

  • Increased Customer Engagement: AR gets your customers hooked on to your site and an engaged customer is more likely to go through with a purchase, boosting sales.
  • Create buzz to attract new shoppers: Running an eye catchy AR campaign for your products is a smart way to captivate the attention of new customers.
  • Save on real estate and people cost: Even though online stores are running successfully, shoppers still prefer to get the feel of the product so they approach a brick and mortar store. But with the advent of AR, the same is achieved online itself, it helped in saving on real estate and people's cost for the sellers.

For Customers:

  • Enhanced Experience: AR tools like preview placement gives the shoppers the ease and flexibility to try out merchandise at their convenience.
  • Customised Shopping: AR tools like Virtual try on eases the decision making with suggestions based on their individual preferences for more customised shopping.

AR in business

Augmented reality spending is estimated to reach $ 60 billion. 61% online shoppers prefer to make purchases on site that offer AR experiences of which approximately 40% of buyers are more likely to make the actual purchase. 63% customers state AR definitely improves their shopping experience and they are willing to pay more with an AR experience associated with a product.

A discussion about AR is incomplete without referring to Pokemon Go. Released in 2016, it was a sensation, with Pokemon’s exuberant characters meeting you on your sidewalk, in your living room, even in your bathroom. Also, very recently I saw an advertisement for an AR boosted helmet. This helmet comes with ground breaking technology with rear view camera and other navigation easing technology like shutting out other external noises enhancing the rider’s experience.

Taking into account the current circumstance the world over, eCommerce will continue to grow exponentially. Smart marketeers and companies are putting AR to good use to delight and engage customers, and take their shopping experience to the next level. AR Technology is here for the long haul plainly due to the fact that it has the ability to captivate your customer’s attention because happy devoted customers hold the beacon to your business success.


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