Visual Search by Mozanta

Provide seamless shopping experience and improves your retail revenues

An AI/ML powered visual search engine

Built on a robust and portable microservices architecture layer

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Visual Search is an AI/ML powered visual search engine built on a robust and portable microservices architecture layer. Enables the retail commerce provider to configure multiple brands easily. It provides seamless shopping experiences and improves your retail revenues through effective search options and meaningful product recommendations.

Salient Features
  • User-friendly search APIs

    Highly configurable and comprehensive search – Image search combines historical data, customer profile matching and product matching

  • Configurable and trainable algorithms

    Flexibility for the business to prioritise the search logic – Combines pre-set and manually configurable logic to improves the search quality. Continuously refine the search outputs through trainable algorithms

  • Robust Technology

    Uses AI/ML for product detection and discovery. Portable microservices with container architecture

An AI/ML powered visual search engine

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Why Visual Search

Improves customer choices by giving power and flexibility to each shopper to search what they see offline. Ability to integrate multiple brands in the same visual search – more choices to buyers, more revenues to the retailer.

Reduce configuration efforts on product suggestions through AI/ML powered image search

  • Step 1
    Get API

    Get API keys to access the product

  • Step 2
    Upload Catalogue

    Upload your product catalogue

  • Step 3
    Software Training

    Training - Our expert team helps you train the system to align the visual search algorithms to your business priorities

  • Step 4
    Visual Search

    Let your customers enjoy the power of visual search

Once a user uploads a picture, the visual search engine scans the product in the picture and comes up with meaningful recommendations of similar and complementing products for the user to choose from.

Visual Search Benefits

  • Visual cues improves order size

    Improves revenues by 20% through up-selling and cross-selling

  • Better engagement

    Meaningful search returns and relevant recommendations created happier customers Reduce bounce rate by 15%!

  • Tap into our expertise

    Visual search could be a starting point of your exploration – we have high value consulting and many other products and services for the retail commerce vertical

Case Study

Visual Search solution powers a Middle East based business conglomerate to improves their revenues through upselling and cross-selling. The solution manages multiple brands for the retail chain and improves the user experience through meaningful search results and product recommendations. The highly scalable solution caters to fashion brands that have a new catalogue coming up every week, with more than 100,000 SKUs. Contact us to know more success stories that utilise the power of technology.

How Visual Search will define a quick solution

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